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Italmatch Spoleto – Inside the manufacturing plant

Spoleto manufacturing plant is part of Italmatch Chemicals' history since its creation. The Company was born through the MBO of this historic site located in the Umbria, Italy, which belonged since the beginning of XX century to the SAFFA company

  • Location


    Spoleto, Italy
  • Production


    Spoleto plant manufactures many Phosphorus-based solutions: Phosphorus Pentasulphide (P2S5), Red Phosphorus, Phosphorus Sesquisulphide (P4S3) and Phosphorus-based Flame Retardants
  • Leadership


    Italmatch is a global leader for Phosphorus derivatives, including environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardants, which are produced in Spoleto every day
  • Spoleto Plant overview

    Italmatch Spoleto manufacturing plant is responsible for the manufacturing of many Phosphorus products.

    • By combining Yellow Phosphorus and Sulfur in specific reactors we manufacture Phosphorus Pentasulphide, Red Phosphorus and Phosphorus Sesquisulphide
    • One of the main products in Spoleto site is Masteret®, a flame retardant masterbatch which is manufactured by mixing Red Phosphorus with Polymers granules
    • Inside the Spoleto laboratories, in 2006 our experts launched Phoslite®, our patented Inorganic Phosphinate or Hypophosphite-based flame retardant


  • Spoleto plant in numbers

    Italmatch Spoleto is one of the most important industrial institutions in Center Italy. With a long-term tradition and know-how in the specialty chemical production and great commitment towards innovation, the manufacturing site boasts:

    • 72 members of the Italmatch Team working here everyday
    • 8 total warehouses
    • 5 production plants
    • 2 laboratories
    • 22K tons/year of products exported worldwide
    • Almost 100 years of Phosphorus expertise and capabilities
    Spoleto Plant - Italmatch Chemicals
  • Italmatch history in Spoleto

    The Spoleto site was built in the second half of the ’20s by the SAFFA company (Società per Azioni Fabbriche Fiammiferi e Affini) – formerly “Fabbriche Riunite Fiammiferi” – constituted in 1898 by the concentration of other numerous match factories including that of Perugia (Purgotti company – Inventor of Cerini). The building is currently in use to the University and is known as “SAFFA building”.

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    Spoleto Plant - Italmatch Chemicals
  • Italmatch Spoleto never sleeps

    Thanks to the tireless work of several teams, Italmatch plant in Spoleto never sleeps. The manufacturing site is in fact active 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On the very few days when Spoleto stops production activities – such as during national holidays – a team of security guards is present on site 24h/24h for safety reasons, as required by the PEI (Internal Emergency Plan) in line with the Seveso regulations.

    Italmatch Spoleto Plant - Night
  • Italmatch Global Presence

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    Italmatch Global Presence

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