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Green mobility and Italian roots: Italmatch with Spoleto MTB race

Maurizio Leonardi (Quality & Technical Assistance Manager) from the Italmatch Team in Spoleto was invited to a round table about sustainability and environment

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A round table with institutions and associations and local players to talk about sustainability and local traditions. Italmatch Chemicals supported the Spoleto Norcia in MTB 2022. The long-established cycling and touristic event is held in Spoleto (Italy), near Company’s first historical plant, and it is intimately connected with the territory and its inhabitants, aiming to promote area’s history and traditions.

The company was invited to participate to a panel discussion during the opening day. Maurizio Leonardi (Quality & Technical Assistance Manager – Spoleto) joined to display Italmatch latest activities in Spoleto manufacturing site and its involvement in recent Research & Development international projects. Dr. Leonardi described Italmatch history and the crucial role of Spoleto for its growth. The Company, in fact, was created thanks to the MBO of the historical SAFFA plant in 1997. Not only Spoleto was its first facility, but it is still today a point of reference for Group’s innovative R&D activities, green solutions and applications.

One example is the recent EU co-funded IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest): the European Battery Innovation (EuBatIn). The aim is to create a sustainable value chain for new, more performing and safer Electric Vehicle Batteries (EVB). Italmatch joined the project in three work packages, from Advanced Raw Materials to recycling projects. The Group is offering its long-term know-how in the Phosphorus derivatives chemicals, also involving Spoleto site in the project. The plant in fact deals with Phosphorus Pentasulphide P2S5 production, which is used for e-mobility applications.

The event was also attended by some local players and environmental association, such as Legambiente and Arpa Umbria. It was an occasion for Italmatch to underline its closeness to the territory where it was born 25 years ago. Supporting events that promote the natural and historical beauties of the area, Spoleto’s traditions and sport values is one of the aim of Italmatch Group, in line with the ESG approach recently adopted by the Company.

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