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Italmatch strengthens its HI&I sustainable product offering

The development of the Dequest® PB line highlights Italmatch's commitment towards sustainability and innovation

Italmatch strengthens its HI&I sustainable product offering in North America

Italmatch Chemicals consolidates its strong position in the Homecare, Industrial & Institutional (HI&I) markets with the re-launch of Dequest® PB product series. This new antiscalant/dispersant product line is based on Carboxy Methyl Inulin (CMI), a natural ingredient derived from the chicory plants’ roots.

The development of this innovative set of solutions highlights once again Italmatch’s commitment towards sustainability and innovation. Thanks to the efforts of its technical and R&D teams, the Group is dedicated to offering eco-friendly solutions and cutting-edge technologies to meet partners’ requirements, both in terms of product performance and sustainability targets.

In line with this strategy, Italmatch USA Corp. is proud to announce a sole distribution partnership with Univar Solutions for the Dequest® PB line in the United States and Canada. Leveraging Univar’s extensive network and technical capabilities, this collaboration will further support our Group in providing environmentally friendly solutions and is set to strengthen our position in the North American (NAM) market.

For more details, you can also visit Univar Solutions’ official website >

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