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Flame Retardant Additives

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Flame Retardant Additives

Halogen free flame retardant additives for a safer environment

Italmatch is a worldwide global supplier for different families of highly effective Phosphorus and Nitrogen based halogen free flame retardants for thermoplastic and thermoset polymers.

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Italmatch Chemicals has the following trade names for its various halogen-free product families:


Red Phosphorus-Based Flame Retardants


Melamine-Based Flame Retardants


Inorganic Phosphinate Based Flame Retardants

Polymer Additives from Italmatch Chemicals:


primary and secondary Fatty Acid Amides, slip and anti-block agents in polymer processing

  • Masteret® is the trade name for Red Phosphorus Masterbatches (NOT flammable and NOT ADR-regulated). Masteret® was first introduced by Italmatch Chemicals in 1996 and gave the engineering plastic industry a boost in the field of high-level flame retardancy technology. Stabilized and encapsulated Red Phosphorus is today available in a variety of carriers and formulations. Solid polymers based Masteret® are available on PA6, LDPE, EVA. Liquid based Masteret® are available in water, liquid phosphate, epoxy and castor oil. Main applications for solid Masteret® are PA66 GFR, EVA, PP, PE and rubbers compounds. Main applications for liquid Masteret® are acrylic latex, epoxy, PU and phenolic.

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  • Melagard® is the trade name for Melamine based FR, Melagard MC (Melamine Cyanurate) and Melagard MP (Melamine Phosphate) and Intumescent preparations. Main applications for Melagard MC are PA6/PA66 and TPU compounds. Main application for Melagard MP is coatings. Main applications for Melagard Intumescent preparations are PP, PE, TPO, TPV and SBS compounds.

  • Phoslite® is the trade name for Inorganic Phosphinate or Hypophosphite based Flame Retardants. Phoslite® was first introduced by Italmatch in 2006 giving to Flame Retardant Masterbatches producers a new reference product in terms of UV performances and halogen content. A Family of Phoslite® grades is today available for halogen free or low halogen thermoplastics, rubbers and engineering polymers, but also as. Antimony trioxide replacement.
    Main applications for Phoslite® are PP, PC, TPU, PA6 & PBT GFR (only special formulations).

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