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Italmatch commitment against Covid-19

Media / Italmatch commitment against Covid-19

In Italmatch we are following three principles from the Covid-19 outbreak: first of all a safety-first approach, because the health of our employees is our priority; second, business continuity and presence for our network, ensuring support to our customers and suppliers. Third, support to our communities through local initiatives: we think globally and act locally.

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    Employees: Working safe

    Home office is mandatory for those employees who can work remotely, until further communications; new safety measures, distancing, hygene procedures and education has been shared with those employees who work in Italmatch plants. Incentives to reduce risks have been introduced in the everyday life (driving home/at work)

  • Customers: Business Continuity

    Italmatch is ensuring production, using its global network of plants worlwide to ensure products to its supply chains. Sales teams are at disposal locally to ensure sales support for each case and any need of customers and valued partners.

  • Communities: local initiatives

    Each Italmatch plant and office worldwide is working close to local authorities and institutions. The company is also ensuring continuous support for local initiatives, confirming its solidarity with the local communities.

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  • Italmatch Solidarity Fund

    To face the Covid-19 emergency, Italmatch launched an internal fund as a sign of solidarity with all Employees of the Group. The initiative involves Group’s CEO, Managers and Employees that voluntarily want to join, who agreed to a salary reduction from June to December 2020.

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