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Research & Development

Build innovation, think future chemistry

Italmatch firmly believes in the future of chemistry as building block for human life and sustainable way and path to a brighter future.

Everyday R&D

For the Italmatch Chemicals Group, innovation is an everyday commitment

Our 6 R&D centres work continuously to develop new and tailor-made solutions and to optimize our existing products day by day, in close collaboration with our major Customers and Partners.

Beyond innovation

We have a dedicated team for long term projects

Some of the main future challenges of our circular economy projects include the recovery and reuse of products and raw materials, the reduction of water waste in industrial processes and sustainable mobility.

  • European Battery Innovation – IPCEI

    Phosphorus Additives and Recycling for Sustainable Energy Storage

    Italmatch Chemicals is participating in the second IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest) with a focus on the sustainable development of the...
  • Recovery of Phosphorus Research & Development Project

    Recovery of Phosphorus

    A circular economy project

    Italmatch Chemicals will open a new route to produce the purest quality of Elemental Phosphorous out of secondary raw material, contributing to reducing...
  • Eco Inhibitors R&D Project

    Eco Inhibitors Project

    From salmon waste to chemicals

    Chemical solutions for new generation eco-friendly hydrate inhibitors designed for the Oil & Gas sector. Italmatch Chemicals is available to manufacture and commercialize...
  • Magpie Polymers technology

    Magpie Polymers

    An advanced precious metals separation technology

    Italmatch Chemicals is willing to consolidate its focus on industrial water and process treatment by expanding the current production range as well as...