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Magpie Polymers

An advanced precious metals separation technology

Magpie Polymers technology

Italmatch Chemicals is willing to consolidate its focus on industrial water and process treatment by expanding the current production range as well as reaching new high added value market targets. The Magpie Polymers Research & Development project moves in this direction: a latest-generation resin for selective filtration to recover precious metal, such as palladium, platinum, silver and gold, that would otherwise be lost.

Acquired by the Group in 2017, this is a technology which is designed to perform well with extreme selectivity even in the most difficult to treat wastewater, capturing and retaining metals through a patented and innovative process which can also be applied in the automotive sector during the recovery and recycling of spent EV-batteries. In this way, Magpie creates value for industry working with precious metals, aiming towards sustainability in accordance with Circular Economy.

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Aims of the project:
To recover precious metals from wastewater and spent batteries in a Circular Economy perspective
Duration of the project:
On going
On going
Fields of application:
Waste and process water treatment, Automotive