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R&D R&D / Recovery of Phosphorus

Recovery of Phosphorus

A circular economy project

Recovery of Phosphorus Research & Development Project

Italmatch Chemicals will open a new route to produce the purest quality of Elemental Phosphorous out of secondary raw material, contributing to reducing the consumption of mined Phosphate Rock, declared by the EU as a critical and strategic raw material due to its limited availability in the future.

Our Group is in fact in first line as main exploitation partner in the four-year EU-funded project “FlashPhos”, led by the University of Stuttgard. The main goal of the project is to recover at a large scale high-quality white phosphorus, by using sewage sludge as input material.

The Recovery of Phosphorous Project aims to use recovered Phosphorus containing the ash from waste streams, replacing mined phosphate rock and fully complying with the principals of the Circular Economy. Phosphorus (P4) has been part of the history of our company since its foundation and nowadays represents a key raw material for a variety of industrial applications fields such as Flame Retardants, Oil Additives, Crop Protectors, Pharmaceutical and Electronics, to name but a few.

Aims of the project:
To recover Phosphorus from urban waste to reduce the consumption of mined Phosphate Rock, in accordance with the pillars of Circular Economy.
Duration of the project:
Long term
On going
Fields of application:
Flame Retardants, Oil Additives, Crop Protectors, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics etc.