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R&D R&D / Eco Inhibitors Project

Eco Inhibitors Project

From salmon waste to chemicals

Eco Inhibitors R&D Project

Chemical solutions for new generation eco-friendly hydrate inhibitors designed for the Oil & Gas sector. Italmatch Chemicals is available to manufacture and commercialize three classes of Low-Dosage Hydrate Inhibitors (LDHIs): through this project it will in future be possible to optimize flow assurance strategies for Oil & Gas deep water production, at the same time adding an important focus on sustainability.

Innovative products with high environmental compatibility: these are the main keywords for this groundbreaking Research & Development Project. For instance, the plan involves a particular class of inhibitors derived from recovered salmon waste: a perfect example of Circular Economy combined with effectiveness in the chemical and industrial market.

Aims of the project:
To create eco-friendly solutions to produce cutting-edge hydrate inhibitors, focusing both on sustainability and effectiveness in the industrial sector.
Duration of the project:
On going
On going
Fields of application:
Oil & Gas