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Italmatch awarded with Confindustria Umbria loyalty prize

Our Company was awarded by Confindustria Umbria for its 75 years of membership in the association

Italmatch Confindustria Umbria 2021

Italmatch Chemicals was awarded by Confindustria Umbria with the “Association Loyalty Prize” for its 75 years of membership, during the general meeting of the association held yesterday in Assisi at Lyrick Theatre. The Company received the prize thanks to its long-term presence in the region and its historical importance for the local industrial network in Umbria. The assembly was also the occasion for the election of the new key figures of the industrial association for the next two years: the new President is now Vincenzo Briziarelli, with Giammarco Urbani as Vice President.

Italmatch Confindustria Umbria 2021

Italmatch Chemicals history started in Spoleto (Umbria)

Our Company is now a leading global chemical group with 19 manufacturing plants located all over the world, but its long history is deeply rooted in Italy and more precisely in Spoleto, a small city in Umbria. As a matter of fact, what is known today as “Italmatch Chemicals” was born in 1997 through the MBO of the historic SAFFA plant, which at the time produced Inorganic Phosphorus Derivatives, key raw materials for the fabrication of matches.

The main solutions developed in those years consisted in Phosphorus Pentasulphide, Red Phosphorus and Phosphorus Sulphides; Yellow Phosphorus production at Spoleto site was stopped in 1965, but key technology was retained. As a consequence, Italmatch today is one of the most experienced company in the world in P4 manufacturing technology. Through the Performance Products & Specialties Business Unit, Italmatch boasts a wide portfolio of reactive chemical intermediates, both as reactive or intermediate products in our phosphorus solution (Phosphorus Chlorides, Phosphorus Pentasulphide and Acid Chlorides).

To learn more about the meeting, visit Confindustria Umbria official website.

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