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Aubin® Xmax: Barrier technology for water shut-off – New case history out now

Read now the case history about Aubin® Xmax, Italmatch Chemicals' innovative barrier technology for water shut-off

In the dynamic market of oil and gas, innovation is the key to maximizing returns and decreasing costs, while overcoming new production and sustainability challenges. Aubin® Xmax, Italmatch Chemicals novel barrier technology for water shut-off, was developed to tackle such demanding tasks in offshore oil production.

Aubin® Xmax: how it works

Aubin® Xmax is patented low-viscosity chemical technology (PLONOR or CEFAS Gold with no sub-warning category) designed to isolate target production zones. By inducing precise and controlled formation damage in the desired zone for isolation, this solution is capable of blocking pore throats and reducing permeability. Aubin® Xmax is deployable without the need for a rig, thus minimizing the environmental impact for deployment in terms of CO2 and resulting in major savings for the operator when compared to traditional technologies.

Key features of Aubin® Xmax

  • Prolonges life cycle of mature wells, postponing the need for new wells and reducing the associated environmental impact
  • No need for good annular cement and does not rely on seal against wellbore tubulars
  • Composed of three non-hazardous chemicals (CEFAS registered, low hazard or PLONOR)
  • Economic and environmental savings versus traditional technologies that require a rig to be deployed
  • Maintains wellbore internal diameter and access for future well work
Aubin® Xmax Barrier technology for water shut-off - New case history out now

Aubin Xmax case history: zonal isolation in brown field development in offshore Malaysia

A Malaysian operator was targeting enhanced oil production in a brown field development, offshore in Malaysia, through zonal isolation of watered-out perforations. A cement packer job was required to allow realisation of Behind Casing Opportunity (BCO) in the target well by perforating new zones in upper hydrocarbon-bearing layers.

However, the presence of a leaking top packer complicated the cement packer installation. Therefore, to avoid a costly workover, the remediation of the existing top packer leak was required to allow cement packer job for BCO. The treatment was performed using Aubin® Xmax, which successfully isolated the targeted reservoir zones.

Key benefits after the treatment

  • Cost savings of $ 1.9 million thanks to remediation of top packer leak
  • Extended field life and changed well from 100% water to 100% oil, with a 300 bopd derived from new perforations
  • Total operations costs were reduced and profitability was enhanced, with an additional production revenue of $ 24k / day or $ 8.8million / year
mAubin® Xmax Barrier technology for water shut-off - New case history out now

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