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E-mobility: Italmatch launches a new trend watching survey

The results of will be presented in the next IPCEI EU meetings

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Italmatch has launched a trend watching survey to better understand how people, including students, perceive e-mobility and innovations in the automotive industry in Italy.

The survey has been presented on October 20th, during “Alfabeto del Futuro 2023“, a public conference about Italian infrastructure, and will be conducted until the end of the Science Festival 2023 (Festival della Scienza), one of the most important European events regarding STEM topics, hosted in Genoa (Italy) from October 26th to November 4th.

Survey overview

Thanks to its participation in the Festival, Italmatch will reach a very wide audience made up of students, teachers, parents and the elder people. The survey will be differentiated for under 18s and over 18s, an audience that is likely to use or own a car.

Depending on their age, background, gender, Italmatch will try to understand the expectations and prejudices of current or future drivers and car owners. The survey will also identify the main concerns that could prevent people from buying an EV or hybrid vehicle, and also test knowledge about battery efficiency, charging time and recycling technologies.

Regarding the young people and students, which are the main audiance of the Science Festival, another objective will be to try to find out if today’s new generations still desire to own a car or if they have embraced the idea of car sharing and other forms of mobility.

With a set of specific and more generic questions, Italmatch hopes to stimulate a more critical thinking or a curiosity to learn about the themes of e-mobility and sustainability.

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IPCEI – European Battery Innovation project

The results of the survey will be presented in the next IPCEI EU meetings and used for research and development purposes.

The activity is in fact part of the dissemination activities of the IPCEI – European Battery Innovation project, which aims to develop a European supply chain for e-mobility. Italmatch is partner of the project with three work packages for:

  • the supply of advanced raw materials for current generation batteries
  • the research for innovative solid-state batteries, which are safer and more efficient
  • the development of technologies for batteries recycling and selective metal recovery and reuse.
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