Italmatch firmly believes in the future of chemistry as building block for human life and sustainable way and path to a brighter future.

As such, Italmatch has, and will continue to, heavily invest in R&D capabilities, covering all aspects of organic and inorganic chemistry, as well as a full range of applications, to allow performance testing of Italmatch existing and new chemistries in final applications – most often in close collaboration with its major Customers/Partners.

Italmatch R&D actitivies are organized in four «Technical Excellence Centres», specialized by chemistry and applications. The Group is both involved in short-term innovations and medium/long-term innovation projects: Italmatch can indeed count on a dedicated innovation team. An excellence-based monitor and evaluation action of the global market macro-trends.

Italmatch is currently working on the development of sustainable solutions, promoting Circular Economy projects and the recovery of valuable products from nature or from raw materials (including sewage and waste).

Some of our current projects:

RecoPhos – Phosphorus Recover from waste

Italmatch Chemicals will open a new route to produce the purest quality of Elemental Phosphorus out of secondary raw materials, contributing to reduce the consumption of mined Phosphate Rock, declared as critical and strategic raw material by the EU due to its limited availability in the future.

The RecoPhos Project aims at using recovered Phosphorus containing ashes out of waste streams, replacing mined phosphate rock and fully complying with the principals of the Circular Economy. Phosphorus (P4) is a key raw material for different industrial applications fields like Flame Retardants, Oil Additives, Crop Protectors, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, etc.
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Eco Inhibitors – Circular Economy project: inhibitors from fishes

Eco Inhibitors is a technology startup company acquired by Italmatch Chemicals. Based in Norway, Echo Inhibitors has developed chemical solutions to produce a new generation of eco-friendly hydrate inhibitors for Oi&Gas application.

With Eco Inhibitors knowhow, Italmatch presents to the market products with high environmental compatibility, in particular a class of inhibitors derived from recovered salmon waste that represents a perfect example of circular economy. The first game-changing green Anti-Agglomerant is the cutting edge technology that the company is going to industrialize.

Trialkyl Project – Together with UE for LIFE goals

LIFE-TRIALKYL aims at developing an innovative and sustainable continuous process to produce quality trialkyl phosphides. Several specific phosphorus derivatives are used in a wide range of applications, including pharmaceuticals, childcare products, detergents, lubricants, plastic additives and flame retardants. The aim of the project is to find new sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment; reduction of energy consumption in the process by 20-30%; reduction water consumption by up to 100%, compared to the current production process and eliminate any wastewater treatment. The project has received funding from the LIFE programme of the European Union.
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