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GRS Chemical Technologies – Inside the manufacturing plant

Part of Italmatch Chemicals Group since 2014, GRS Chemical Technologies designs and manufactures innovative and high-tech chemicals and polymeric products for the most varied applications. These range from the treatment of process water, to drinking water, to products for paper mills, for those of the oil industry, thermal and osmotic desalination, as well as for other strategic sectors in which the Italmatch Chemicals Group operates

  • Location


    Qualiano (Naples), Italy
  • Capacity


    The production capacity of GRS Chemical Technologies exceeds 60,000 t / y of synthesis and blending products. This production capacity is distributed over the four existing production departments
  • Production


    The main products manufactured at GRS Chemical Technologies are: LMW polymers based on Acrylic Acid and Maleic Anhydride, Cationic and Anionic PAMs emulsions, Brine dispersions, synthesis intermediates and precursors
  • GRS Overview

    The main families of chemical products manufactured at GRS Chemical Technologies are:

    • Cationic and anionic liquid Poly-acrylamide emulsions, water-in-oil, linear, branched and cross-linked
    • LMW polymers based on Acrylic Acid and Maleic Anhydride
    • Liquid water base resins
    • Additives for the paper industry
    • Anti-foaming agents
    • Dispersants and antiscalants
    • Products for the oil industry and refineries

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  • GRS Numbers

    40,000 MQ. the total surface area of the Naples plant

    80 Italmatch colleagues working in the plant

    8 polymer production lines with more than 40,000 tons/year of polymer productive capacity

    1 blending production line with more than 15,000 tons/year capacity

    1 combustion additive line with more than 2,500 tons/year productive line capacity used in the water treatment, petrochemical, coal, personal care product, and paper industries.

    All the polymers marketed by the parent company Italmatch Chemicals in the Advanced Water Solutions and Oil & Gas Solutions divisions are manufactured in the GRS plant.

    In synergy with Italmatch Group’s business model, GRS develops its constant commitment to quality and social responsibility, via certification and investments for the reduction of environmental impact of productive

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    GRS Technologies plant
  • A new Polymerization department (2020)

    GRS Plant has recently completed the construction of a new advanced polymerization department called “Poly3”. The new polymerization department comprising 8 reactors, for a total volume of 137 cubic meters, uses the most sophisticated synthesis control and regulation equipment to ensure a high production standard in terms of energy saving and green chemistry.

    The capacity of the new polymerization department exceeds 25,000 t / y of polymers in aqueous solution.

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    Poly 3 GRS Technologies polimerization department Italmatch Chemicals
  • Sustainability in GRS

    Since 2012 GRS has started its photovoltaic system. 408 photovoltaic panels distributed over an area of 700 square meters on the roofs of the various buildings on the site, guarantee GRS a production of 123,727 kWh with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 70 t / y.

    For years GRS has been committed to minimizing the consumption of fresh water in the various production processes. Thanks to advanced purification processes, which guarantee its reuse, GRS recycles about 30% of the fresh water entering the plant.

    GRS Chemical Technologies is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified.

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    GRS Plant Sustainability

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