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GRS history: 46 years of chemistry in Qualiano

More than 46 years of chemistry. GRS Chemical Technologies is part of the Italmatch Chemicals Group since 2014. However, the manufacturing plant, located in Qualiano, near the city of Naples (Italy), started its activities many years before. The site was in fact established in 1975 by the MISAN CHIMICA S.p.A. Through the decades, the site developed into a worldwide reference point for polymers production and for process water treatment market. Today, all polymers produced and marketed by Advanced Water Solutions and Oil & Gas Solutions Business Units are manufactured in Qualiano, with a strong dedication to sustainability and innovation thanks to a dedicated Research & Development team and laboratory. As a result, in 2020 the plant completed the construction of a new advanced polymerization department, the so-called “Poly3“, including 8 reactors with a capacity of more than 25,000 T/Y  of polymers in aqueous solutions.

Learn more about GRS Chemical Technologies’ history in the timeline below


  • 2020

    Construction of a new advanced Polymerization Department Poly3
  • 2014

    In December 2014,
    GRS Chemical Technologies
    was acquired by Italmatch Chemicals S.p.A.
  • 2000

    The plant was purchased by two former
    Executive Managers of MISAN CHIMICA S.p.A
    who founded GRS Chemical Technlogies.
    The production started again
    in January 2000
  • 1995

    MISAN CHIMICA S.p.A. was taken over
    by BetzDearborn. The Qualiano site
    became a BetzDearborn worldwide
    polymer synthesis and R&D center
  • 1975

    The Qualiano site was established under the
    property of MISAN CHIMICA S.p.A.,
    an italian company which became
    leader in the production of fuel additives
    and polymers for water and
    process water treatment