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LIFE-Trialkyl Project

An innovative and sustainable continuous process for high quality trimethyl phosphite

LIFE Trialkyl Project

Italmatch Chemicals aims to strengthen the company’s leading global position within the Specialty Chemicals sector with a highly innovative and sustainable chemical process. The LIFE-Trialkyl Project, with funding from the LIFE program of the European Union, is working towards combining Research & Development, Process Technology and Environmental issues, serving our market with a new and smart eco-friendly continuous process to produce quality Trimethyl phosphite. A project which can impact on our everyday life, as many specific phosphorus derivatives are used for our daily life in a wide field of applications, ranging from pharmaceutical, flame retardant and childcare products to detergents, lubricants and plastic additives.

The mission was to achieve environmental sustainability and at the same time to make a relevant socio-economic impact. In fact the Trialkyl Project is a viable and safe solution to make a difference to water and energy management (with a reduction respectively by up to 100% and 20-30%), focusing also on the generation of a social care chemical industrial product and the enhancement of the circular economy in this particular field of the industry.

Aims of the project:
To develop a safe, innovative and sustainable solution to produce high quality Trimethyl phosphites
Duration of the project:
LIFE program 2014-2020
Pilot plant & final results
Fields of application:
Plastic, Lubricants, Flame Retardants, Detergents, Pharmaceuticals