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LIFE-Trialkyl pilot final demonstration

Italmatch Chemicals plant Arese (Italy) hosted the “LIFE-Trialkyl project – Final demonstrative workshop”. Clients and partners meet for the final discussion about the project results. After 5 years of research and Process technology implementation, Italmatch presents a new sustainable process to produce Tri Alkyl Phosphites.

LIFE-Trialkyl pilot final demonstration

The Pilot

The pilot started running in 2018. After more than 20 testing runs, now it can work in continuous mood and for the entire day, producing 500 kg of product per day.

Numbers about the LIFE-Trialkyl pilot:

  • 14 vessels and equipment
  • Over 15 rotating equipment
  • + 400 metres of process piping
  • Over 250 signals and alarm


Sustainable Chemistry

The project set up an innovative, efficient and highly sustainable and efficient industrial chemical process, avoiding the production of hazardous intermediaries, useless by-products and the use of dangerous chemicals for water waste treatment.

The new process works with a significant reduction of energy consumption and water saving up to 100%, important for a more sustainable and eco-friendly chemistry.


Market and social impact

EU and Global Registration of the new technology opened to a new opportunity: the project restarts EU production of sustainable Tri Alkyl Phosphites (ECHA), today imported from Far East. EU can regain leadership in the segment, to serve EU and extra EU enterprises.

The project stimulated a wide partnership with downstream sectors within plastic industry, lubricant industry and agro chemistry. For Lubricants in particular, it encourages the generation of a social care chemical industrial product: easier synthesis of lubricant additives acting as friction modifiers used in several applications; more friendly additives for plastics, even in sensitive sectors; reduction of energy consumption; enhancement of the circular economy in the industry thanks to its useful by products.

The final demonstrative workshop that brought together enterprises and institutions  confirmed the interest expressed by stakeholders and end users along the project and poses the pillars for the real LIFE-Trialkyl Story.

Participants’ comments

“Project certainly very interesting both from the design point of view and from the point of view of sustainability. Congratulations to all those involved in the project”
– Alessandro Iozzelli (CQO – Lanartex srl)

“Very interesting project from the point of view of design and construction, as it is a new plant. It was perceived the great teamwork done.”
– William Balzi (DOCCHEM)

“Since we are a company that owns processes based on ammonium chloride, we are interested in the volume and costs of this by-product, based also on the production forecasts with the various steps of scale-up foreseen”
– Edoardo Guerrini (Engitec Tecnologies)

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