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Group CEO Sergio Iorio on Class CNBC: R&D and ESG for Italmatch solutions

Eng. Iorio was invited live on Class CNBC to talk about Italmatch latest projects, innovations and sustainable solutions

Sustainable Future Forum 2022 on Class CNBC - Sergio Iorio Interview

A live TV event to explore the topics of renewable energy sources, sustainability and the ecological transition. Italmatch Chemicals Group Sergio Iorio was invited to participate in the Sustainable Future Forum 2022 organized by Class CNBC. Eng. Iorio spoke about Italmatch’s latest projects and the ESG path undertaken by the Company. Italmatch portfolio is in fact increasingly focusing on innovation and circularity.

A few examples of this are Phosphorus-based performance products and halogen free flame retardants for safer and more efficient EV batteries but also specialty chemicals solutions for geothermal plants efficiency, membrane desalination applications and recovery of Phosphorus.

Over the past two years, Italmatch’s innovation has increasingly focused on ESG topics, driven by sustainability and circularity. For example, we participate in the IPCEI EU consortium for the creation of a European EVB supply chain, for the improvement of the current e-mobility system and also for the development of safer and more efficient new generation solid-state batteries” said Eng. Iorio during the interview.

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Italmatch was also featured on Milano Finanza and Italia Oggi – two Italian finance newspapers – thanks to its participation in the Sustainable Future Forum 2022. Read the full press review about Group CEO Sergio Iorio interview on Class CNBC:

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