Flame Retardant Additives

Flame Retardant Additives

Additives for a safer environment

Italmatch is a worldwide global supplier for different families of highly effective Phosphorus and Nitrogen based halogen free flame retardants for thermoplastic and thermoset polymers.

Italmatch Chemicals has the following trade names for its various halogen-free product families:

Red Phosphorus-Based Flame Retardants

Melamine-Based Flame Retardants

Inorganic Phosphinate Based Flame Retardants

Polymer Additives from Italmatch Chemicals

primary and secondary Fatty Acid Amides, slip and anti-block agents in polymer processing

  • Masteret® is the trade name for Red Phosphorus Masterbatches (NOT flammable and NOT ADR-regulated). Masteret® was first introduced by Italmatch Chemicals in 1996 and gave the engineering plastic industry a boost in the field of high-level flame retardancy technology. Stabilized and encapsulated Red Phosphorus is today available in a variety of carriers and formulations. Solid polymers based Masteret® are available on PA6, LDPE, EVA. Liquid based Masteret® are available in water, liquid phosphate, epoxy and castor oil. Main applications for solid Masteret® are PA66 GFR, EVA, PP, PE and rubbers compounds. Main applications for liquid Masteret® are acrylic latex, epoxy, PU and phenolic.

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  • Melagard® is the trade name for Melamine based FR, Melagard MC (Melamine Cyanurate) and Melagard MP (Melamine Phosphate) and Intumescent preparations. Main applications for Melagard MC are PA6/PA66 and TPU compounds. Main application for Melagard MP is coatings. Main applications for Melagard Intumescent preparations are PP, PE, TPO, TPV and SBS compounds.

  • Phoslite® is the trade name for Inorganic Phosphinate or Hypophosphite based Flame Retardants. Phoslite® was first introduced by Italmatch in 2006 giving to Flame Retardant Masterbatches producers a new reference product in terms of UV performances and halogen content. A Family of Phoslite® grades is today available for halogen free or low halogen thermoplastics, rubbers and engineering polymers, but also as. Antimony trioxide replacement.
    Main applications for Phoslite® are PP, PC, TPU, PA6 & PBT GFR (only special formulations).

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