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Italmatch Chemicals Manchester – Inside the manufacturing plant

Manchester manufacturing plant is part of Italmatch Chemicals Group since 2018. The site has been manufacturing the Polartech brand metalworking fluids, packages and additives for over 40 years. Manchester specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of additives and packages for the formulation of metalworking fluids and the design and manufacture of fully formulated finished fluids as B2B supplier to end users in metalworking applications

  • Location


    Trafford Park, Manchester, UK
  • Capacity


    Total Plant Capacity 10,000 t/yr (3,500 t/yr reactive Amine Borate and Amide production and 6500 t/yr fluid and package blending)
  • Production


    Main products manufactured are emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and lubricity agents, neat oil and soluble oil formulations, supporting applications ranging from light duty to heavy duty applications in all types of metals
  • Italmatch Manchester products

    Main families of products manufactured in Italmatch Chemicals Manchester plant are:

    • Performance Additives
      • Corrosion inhibitors
      • Amides, Emulsifiers
      • EP Additives
      • Lubricity improvers
      • Antifoams
    • Packages
      • Conventional milky fluids
      • Semi-synthetic fluids
      • Fully synthetic metalworking fluids
      • Neat Oils
      • Industrial Lube and Grease
    • Fully formulated finished fluids
      • Conventional milky fluids
      • Semi-synthetic fluids
      • Fully synthetic metalworking fluids
      • Neat oils
  • Manchester manufacturing plant in numbers

    A total of 22 colleagues from the Italmatch Team work here in Production, Logistics, Customer Service, Maintenance and Labs.

    • Site footprint: 17,800sqm
    • Manufacturing building: 17 Blending vessels, 2 hot oil reactors, 3 drumming lines
    • 12m High bay warehouse1098 pallet spaces
    • Tank farm – 21 external tanks, 20m3 – 50m3. 20 internal tanks 4m3 – 10m3
    • Development laboratories
    • Office and admin building
  • Sustainability and certifications

    All the activities in Italmatch Manchester manufacturing site are carried out following strict Quality & HSE standards, and certified to ISO 9001:2015 (Integrated Quality Management System) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System).

  • Lubricant Performance Additives Research & Development

    Product development focusing on new industrial lubricant technology. Actively moving our core additive and product technology in metalworking to more environmental, health and safety acceptable areas such as Biocide free and novel amine technology platforms.

    Significant new investment in the plant during 2023 will allow the expansion of the product range and create business continuity for selected high volume Elco products.

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