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Italmatch Chemicals Fangchenggang (YYCO) – Inside the manufacturing plant

YYCO is part of Italmatch Chemicals Group since 2007. Located in Fangchenggang, China, the manufacturing plant produces P2S5 since 2020

  • Location


    Fangchenggang, China
  • Capacity


    10000 MT/Year
  • Production


    The main product manufactured at YYCO site is P2S5
  • Italmatch Chemicals Fangchenggang YYCO overview

    The main chemical product manufactured in YYCO plant is high quality Phosphorus Pentasulphide – P2S5.

  • YYCO plant in numbers

    • 66700 of the total surface area
    • 63 Italmatch colleagues working in the plant
    • 1 P2S5 production line with more than 10,000 tons/year of productive capacity
    • YYCO develops its constant commitment to quality and social responsibility, via certification and investments for the reduction of environmental impact of productive
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  • New Flame Retardants Project

    A project regarding a new flame retardants production line, with a total capacity of 2000 t/a, is currently in progress. After putting into production, it will be able to produce a variety of Halogen-Free Phosphorousbased flame retardants:

    • MC 700 t/a
    • MHB 300t/a
    • IPB 300t/a
    • IPA-E 300t/a
    • IPD 400t/a



    Learn more information about the project > 

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  • Certifications and sustainability

    Italmatch Fangchenggang site holds quality, environmental and safety certifications:


    The facility also boasts process vent (scrubbers) and waste-water treatment processes in order to control the emissions into the environment.​

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