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Italmatch Chemicals Changzhou – Inside the manufacturing plant

Changzhou Italmatch Chemicals is part of the Italmatch Chemicals Group since 2018. Located in Changzhou, China, the manufacturing plant produces many Phosphorus-based water treatment solutions

  • Location


    Changzhou, China
  • Capacity


    Changzhou Italmatch Chemicals has a production capacity of 104,000 tons/year. This production capacity is distributed over the two existing production departments
  • Production


    The site produces HEDP - Hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid and AMINO – Various aminomethylene phosphonic acid and salts
  • Changzhou plant at a glance

    Many everyday applications are covered thanks to Changzhou Italmatch Chemicals plant’s Phosphorus technologies:

    HEDP: industrial circulating cooling water systems and medium and low pressure boilers, oilfield water injection and oil pipeline scale resistance and corrosion inhibition; In the light textile industry, it can be used as a cleaning agent for metals and non-metals, a peroxide stabilizer and fixing agent for the bleaching and dyeing industry, a complexing agent for the cyanide-free electroplating industry, and a carrier of radioactive elements in the pharmaceutical industry

    Amino: High hardness, high alkalinity, high PH circulating cooling water system and oilfield water treatment, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate scale inhibition performance, inhibition of silica scale formation, widely used in oilfield, Membrane Desalination Reverse Osmosis systems, circulating cooling water, printing and dyeing, waste heat low temperature multi-effect flash

  • The site in numbers

    • 90000m² of total surface area


    • 2 production lines


    • 90 colleagues from the Italmatch Team work here


    • 104000 tons/year total capacity


    • We provide raw materials for daily chemical products to other factories
    Italmatch Changzhou numbers
  • HSE and Sustainability

    In synergy with Italmatch Group’s business model, Changzhou Italmatch Chemicals develops its constant commitment to quality and social responsibility, via certifications and investments for the reduction of environmental impact of productive. All the activities in the Italmatch Changzhou manufacturing plant are carried out following strict Quality & HSE standards, in compliance with actual Chinese and International legislation like GHS, REACH, CLP (Classification, Labelling, Packaging), Chemical Safety. The production site is certified for quality – ISO 9001 (ISO 9001 certificate PDF version). We are also committed to sustainable processes and water management in line with Circular Economy principles. We treat and recycle our production waste water and our production waste water emission is zero.

    Changzhou italmatch sustainability
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