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Italmatch Brazil (Italmatch Química do Brasil Ltda)

Italmatch Brazil (Italmatch Química do Brasil Ltda) is part of the Italmatch Chemicals Group from October 2017, after the acquisition of Sudamfos do Brasil. The company moved its original portfolio from Phosphates for the food business to specialty chemical technologies for the Water Treatment, Oil and Gas and Lubricants markets.

  • Locations


    Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo
  • Business Units

    Business Units

    Our team in Brazil focuses on Advanced Water Solutions, Oil & Gas Solutions and Lubricant Performance Additives business units
  • Innovation


    The laboratory in São Paulo works to develop new Dequest® and Aubin® Xclude solutions
  • Italmatch Brazil overview

    Italmatch Brazil was established in São Paulo, the city where the company still boasts its current office and warehouse. During the years, it expanded thanks to the addition of a laboratory in Rio de Janeiro and to the stregthening of the total workforce available in the Country.

    Today, Italmatch Brazil has a strong focus on Advanced Water Solutions, Oil and Gas Solutions and Lubricant Performance Additives divisions. In particular, the AWS business has been further expanded through SugarMaxx® technnology for sugar cane applications. This brand line is designed to work on the juice color reduction, while at the same time increasing the production efficiency by inhibiting scale formation.

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  • Lab activities and focus

    Our brazilian laboratory focuses on Oil & Gas Solutions division, mainly for the development and innovation of Dequest® phosphonates and polymers for scale inhibition and Aubin® Xclude technology for well abandonment.

    Our team activities include:

    • Development of new scale inhibitors formulations by assessment of products’ performance through Dynamic Scale Looping and Compatibility tests
    • Evaluation of product’s thermal stability
    • Quality control analysis of basic physical-chemical properties as pH, density

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  • Our office capabilities

    Several company’s functions are available at our office in São Paulo, namely:

    • Finance and Controlling
    • Customer Service
    • Supply Chain and Logistics support
    • Financial and Administration Analysis
    • R&D
    • Sales of water treatment technologies, Oil and Gas anti scaling and phosphates for the chemical industry
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