The Advanced Water Solutions (AWS) business unit of Italmatch Chemicals is a global supplier of specialty water management additives into the oil and gas, industrial water & process treatment, desalination, mining and HI&I markets. With strong brands and several years of experience, the business provides customers with innovative solutions, supported by wide-ranging technical support and dedicated customer service.

AWS has manufacturing and blending sites across the globe and six dedicated research facilities in Europe and the USA.

Our extensive product range includes:

• Phosphonate based range of antiscalants – Dequest®, Briquest® and Mayoquest®

• Polymer based antiscalants and dispersants – Bellasol®, Belclene®, Belsperse® and Dequest P®.

• Antiscalants and antifoam for thermal & RO plant desalination – Belgard®, Albrivap®, Belite® & Flocon®

• Specialty biocides – Bellacide® for Oil & Gas and industrial water treatment applications

• Biocides (USA Registered) – LiquiBrom® and BromiCide®

• Magpie Precious Metal Scavenging Resins

• Antiscalants for geothermal plants – Geogard®

• Corrosion inhibitors – Belcor®, Bricorr® 288

• Flocculants – Qualifloc & Qualifloc AF

• Water based Polymers for Industrial process application – Qualipol

• Fabric Softener – Kemfluid