The Advanced Water Solutions (AWS) business unit of Italmatch Chemicals is a global supplier of specialty water management additives into the oil and gas, industrial water & process treatment, desalination, mining and HI&I markets. With strong brands and several years of experience, the business provides customers with innovative solutions, supported by wide-ranging technical support and dedicated customer service.

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AWS has manufacturing and blending sites across the globe and six dedicated research facilities in Europe and the USA.

Our extensive product range includes:

• Phosphonate based range of antiscalants – Dequest®, Briquest® and Mayoquest®

• Polymer based antiscalants and dispersants – Bellasol®, Belclene®, Belsperse® and Dequest P®.

• Antiscalants and antifoam for thermal & RO plant desalination – Belgard®, Albrivap®, Belite® & Flocon®

• Specialty biocides – Bellacide® for Oil & Gas and industrial water treatment applications

• Biocides (USA Registered) – LiquiBrom® and BromiCide®

• Magpie Precious Metal Scavenging Resins

• Antiscalants for geothermal plants – Geogard®

• Corrosion inhibitors – Belcor®, Bricorr® 288

• Flocculants – Qualifloc & Qualifloc AF

• Water based Polymers for Industrial process application – Qualipol

• Fabric Softener – Kemfluid