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Italmatch’s 2022 Sustainability Report

An important milestone in our Group's sustainability journey

Italmatch presents its first publicly available Sustainability Report, regarding Group’s performance and impact in environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters, which aims to increase accountability and trust for our stakeholders.

This report, reflects the main paths of our ESG strategy, describing it through our KPIs and showing the Group’s commitment on 4 main pillars:

  • responsible products
  • environment
  • people and communities
  • governance and business ethics.

The publication of this report is an important milestone in our Group’s sustainability journey: a journey that began a few years ago, when as the Group grew, we realized our responsibility for our impacts needed to grow accordingly. Thus, we started a process for measuring our footprint, and this has been firmly established in 2022, with the materiality analysis and assessment of our GHG (greenhouse gas) inventory, which is now certified by a third party through an external audit.

Read our 2022 Sustainability report here > Italmatch 2022 Sustainability Report

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