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Sugar cane process: new applications for Italmatch solutions

Italmatch Chemicals and Prosugar has signed an agreement for market development of "SugarMaxx", a new line for sugar cane process

Sugar cane process: new applications for Italmatch solutions

Italmatch adds another key milestone to its innovation-driven approach. The chemical Group has signed a collaboration licence agreement with Prosugar, a leading technology development company based in Brazil, who has developed IP related to the use of chemicals in the process of making sugar cane and bio ethanol.

Key aspects of the collaboration agreement are:

  • The companies will work closely together on the market development of a product line branded as “SugarMaxx”, based on already-existing Italmatch products, with new applications in the sugar cane field.
  • Prosugar and Italmatch have already worked together for the positive success of 2 field trials completed at Brazilian sugar cane mills. The trials confirmed the functionality of Italmatch’s chemical technology in line with what’s described in Prosugar patents.
  • The application helps in particular the colour stability in the sugar cane process.
  • SugarMaxx maximize the yield of sugar recovery
  • The Technology has already received the ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) approval for the use of the product in sugar cane processing in Brazil. This certification confirms its safety for food use.

The goal has been achieved thanks to the Group’s commitment to continuous innovation of its products and the search for new solutions” – says Italmatch CEO, Sergio Iorio.

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