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Italmatch rated silver by EcoVadis

The Group is in the top 17% of companies rated by EcoVadis in its industry

Italmatch Chemicals Group EcoVadis Silver 2023

Following Italmatch’s silver rating for the 2023 ESG assessment, EcoVadis has identified a number of inconsistencies during the post-rating analysis. While it has been confirmed that Italmatch will retain its silver medal, the overall rating has increased from 60 to 63 points, mainly due to the increase in the environmental area, which has grown from 60 to 70 points.

This is a significant achievement for Italmatch, as it now ranks in the top 17% of companies rated in its industry. This recognition is a proof of the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Please find below the updated Italmatch 2023 ESG scorecard from EcoVadis:

EcoVadis reassessment 2023

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Old assessment communication (last updated on July 20th 2023):

Italmatch Chemicals has been awarded with the silver medal for the EcoVadis assessment 2023 (bronze in 2022). This is a strong recognition of the important ESG path and strategy started by the Group: now Italmatch is in the top 23% of companies rated by EcoVadis in its industry with ratings above the sector average in all the different areas.

The significant improvement up to 60 points from the 2022 rating (+12 points) had it focus on the “sustainable procurement” area thanks to the engagement actions aiming to have a supply chain aligned with Company’s ESG values and on the “labour & human rights” areas thanks to the new governance approach, the new policies and the improvement of reporting in the sustainability report.

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