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Italmatch joins second IPCEI for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Italmatch will make its contribution to IPCEI through three distinct work packages

Italmatch joins second IPCEI for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Italmatch Chemicals joins the second IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest) for the sustainable development of the Electric Vehicle Battery (EVB) value chain across Europe.

One of the 42 selected companies to participate in the project, the Group will actively contribute along the entire value chain, from the first phase of production to the recycling and disposal process, applying its decades of knowledge in the field of raw materials, in particular Phosphorus and its derivatives, while also incorporating its know-how regarding the recovery of materials in line with the principles of sustainability and Circular Economy. Specifically, Italmatch will make its contribution through three distinct work packages.

The first one – which final goal will be to create a Lithium-Ion Battery electrolyte precursor (LiPF6) pilot manufacturing plant in Europe – is to develop a sustainable supply system and consolidating the technology in order to establish the first-in-its-kind commercial production in Europe. The Company will thus contribute to fulfill the local Li-Ion Battery needs by providing an eco-friendly supply chain of Phorsphorus Pentachloride (PCl5), an essential intermediate for the production of LiPF6 in Europe.

Moving on to the second work package, it aims to establish a pioneering solid electrolytes precursor’s pilot plant in Europe, in order to supply the solid electrolytes producers in Europe with suitable materials and also meeting the technological and environmental requirements of the IPCEI circular battery value chain.

Lastly, the third package will cover the provision of IoT (Internet of Things) integrated and innovative chemical technologies, with a particular focus on the necessary processes for the recover of Cobalt, Manganese, Nickel and possibly Lithium from depleted batteries, in partnership with several intra-European upstream and downstream participants to the production chain.

Thanks to this ambitious project, Italmatch will therefore have the opportunity to further expand its wide range of innovative solutions in the field of Research & Development, to comply with the Group’s ESG growth strategy and to acquire a relevant position within the EVB market as a top-level technological partner and provider, both within and outside the European context.

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