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Chemicals in detergents lecture for chemistry teachers

Ruggero Sala and Fabio Costiniti, from Personal Care, Fabric Softeners and Plastic Additives Business Unit, will held a lesson to chemistry teachers about chemicals for cleaning applications

Specialty Chemicals in detergents - Lesson Italmatch Chemicals_AISPEC_Federchimica_Rizzoli Education_Le Scienze Live

An online lecture for school chemistry teachers on the specialty chemical additives inside the detergents we use every day. Italmatch ChemicalsRuggero Sala (VP Sales and Marketing Personal Care, Fabric Softeners and Plastic Additives) and Fabio Costiniti (Global Business & Technical Development Manager Cleaning and ­Personal Care) have been invited to give a lesson on  Detergent Ingredients and how the chemistry helps us in our daily lives.

The lecture will be held on Tuesday 14th February and is dedicated to Italian high school chemistry teachers, as part of the Le Scienze Live project. During the lesson, participants will take a closer look at how cleaning works and what role detergents play in this process. The Lectures will analyze the chemical ingredients inside cleaning products, their functions and the different stages involved in developing a detergent formulation.

The initiative is promoted by Mondadori and Rizzoli Education, with the support of Federchimica (the Italian Federation of the chemical industry) and its Group of auxiliaries for the detergents and surfactants. The group, which is part of AISPEC, the Italian Association of fine chemicals and specialized sectors, is chaired by Ruggero Sala. Fabio Costiniti is also part of the Group as a member of the Technical Committee.

For further information about the course and register for the online lesson visit Rizzoli Education official website >

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