Press Release

  • FlashPhos R&D project presented by the University of Stuttgart

    The University of Stuttgart, as coordinator of the program, has published the first press release related to the recently EU funded H2020 R&D project “FlashPhos“. Italmatch Chemicals, Europe’s leading white phosphorus consumer, participates in the initiative as main exploitation partner. The project aims to demonstrate at a large scale a thermochemical process to sustainably produce high-quality white phosphorus, using sewage sludge as input material.

  • Italmatch participates in the second IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest)

    Italmatch Chemicals, a leading global specialty chemical group focused on the production and marketing of performance additives for water and process treatment, lubricants, plastics and oil & gas, is one of the 42 European selected companies to participate in the second IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest) for the development of more innovative and sustainable batteries.

  • Italmatch USA Corporation has announced a price increase

    Italmatch USA Corporation, part of leading global specialty chemical group Italmatch Chemicals, has announced a price increase for its range of phosphonates and polymers. Price increases will range from 5% to 15% from March 1st 2021, or as contracts allow. Account representatives from Italmatch USA are now communicating specific details directly to their customers, with the timing of the increase subject to the terms of applicable agreements.