Press Release

  • Italmatch Chemicals and Biolab Arabia signed a joint venture agreement

    Italmatch Biolab Industrial will use Italmatch’s raw materials and technology and Biolab’s local manufacturing infrastructure to produce and sell additives and final solutions for Industrial Water & Process Treatment in the Gulf Region with strong focus on Desalination and O&G local markets.

  • Italmatch Chemicals con Innovatec: efficientamento energetico stabilimento Arese (ITA)

    Innovatec Power si occuperà della progettazione esecutiva, fornitura, trasporto, posa in opera e realizzazione di tutte le opere funzionali all’installazione e all’esercizio, per lo stabilimento di Arese di Italmatch, di un impianto di cogenerazione industriale di potenza pari a 1.200 kWe e di un generatore di vapore a 15 bar da 6.000 kg/h.

  • Italmatch Chemicals Group acquires the RecoPhos Project Technology

    Italmatch acquired the project from Israel Chemicals (ICL). It will further contribute to the Group’s activities in the development of a completely new process for the production of Elemental Phosphorus (P4) from secondary “waste” raw materials. This transaction reaffirms Italmatch Chemicals’ strategic focus on innovation as well as its commitment to promote sustainability and Circular Economy as business practice, in particular in its core business of Phosphorus Derivatives.