Personal Care

Italmatch Chemicals is investing in Personal Care on both Specialties and Conventional products.
Applications includes Face, Body and Sun Care, Color cosmetic, Shower gel, Deodorant, Wet wipes, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair coloring & bleaching.

Our product range spans through:


Fatty acid Esters, Alcohols and stearates

Dapracare® Emollients
A range of emollients suitable to formulate elegant face and body care creams and lotions

Dapracare® Emulsifiers
We have both O/W and W/O emulsifiers, as well as O/W cream bases to produce stable and modern emulsions

Dapracare® Consistency giving factors
A range of esters and natural fatty alcohols to provide consistency to your emulsions

Ethydronic acid & derivatives

Turpinal® SL and Turpinal® 4NL
These products increase shelf life in Hair Bleach and Hair Dyeing.
Prevent oxidation of fatty acids in bar soap and are useful in Fragrance stabilization

We are actively working to expand the above product range with new developments. Examples are: special polymers which can provide new texture and moisturizing effect in skin care and a new line of green EO-free emulsifiers.