Applicative Laboratory Specialist (Refining process)

Job ID: ApplLabSp
Arese, Italy - 


As part of our innovation strategy and EU funded R&D programs (IPCEI), we are seeking an enthusiastic & pragmatic minded scientist for the position of (m/f) Applicative Laboratory Specialist (Refining processes)


In straight working relation with the Global Chemical Innovation Manager and Applicative Lab Supervisor, and in permanent contact with the members of the Laboratory team, you will:

  • support the applicative research laboratory through the execution of applicative performance tests for mining and refining applications with particular emphasis on solvent extraction processes.
  • Support the development of chemometric analytical models based on the solvent extraction processes studied.
  • Support the development of predictive software and process flowsheet optimisation based on the solvent extraction processes studied.


Day to day activities

Directly reporting to the Applicative Lab Supervisor, you will carry out lab work as outlined below:

Applicative laboratory activity Time allocation: 50%.

  1. Perform applicative lab tests to evaluate the refining and recovery of selected metals by solvent extraction processes with emphasis on the use of mini-pilot scale equipment (mixer-settlers)
  2. Set up and optimize performance test procedure, in view to achieve consistent and reproducible lab methods.
  3. Write reports on applicative lab tests with interest on solvent extraction processes with new /existing organophosphorus chemicals.

Data treatment and computational activity Time allocation: 50%.

  1. Support the development of a general computational approach to predict performance of new organophosphorus chemicals as solvent extractants (Mn, Co, Ni, Li, …)
  2. Support the development of chemometric analytical methods (software development) focused on quantification of metals complexes in aqueous matrixes.
  3. Chemical processing / flowsheet of liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) systems optimisation by process simulations (with support of chemical process simulators)


Ideal Experience & Skills

Education & Experience:

  • A degree in chemical sciences,


  • Fluent in English (speaking & writing); Good working knowledge of any other European languages is an asset.

Behaviour & Competences:

  • Able to articulate ideas convincingly.
  • Capable of working both with great autonomy, and simultaneously a good team player in an international and rapidly changing environment.
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