Oil & Gas

Oil is normally found in reservoirs situated at varying depths below the sea bottom (Offshore) and underground (onshore). To produce oil from a well, it must be displaced from the pores in the formation rock. Initially this occurs by the natural pressure in a newly deployed well. In a mature well where the inherent formation pressure has dropped, the formation pressure can be maintained by different means. For offshore wells, seawater is injected down hole. Water present in the reservoir, usually known as formation water, is often high in certain ions that tend to form scale when mixed with sea water or when the thermodynamic conditions change. A similar phenomenon occurs in onshore wells.

Scale inhibition chemicals, such as Dequest phosphonates and Dequest PB Inulin derivatives are therefore useful for prevention of mineral deposits such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, barium sulphate and strontium sulphate in the near-wellbore area and production tubing. Both in topside and down hole applications, Dequest phosphonates and Dequest PB Inulin derivatives control scale effectively. More particularly in squeeze applications several of these products have proven to be effective in protecting the well against scale formation.

Within the Dapralube product series, Italmatch can offer a range of Self Emulsifying Esters (SEE’s), which readily disperse in extreme water conditions, forming stable emulsions in water based mud drilling fluids. Treat rates at or below 3%, a significant reduction in torque and drag is observed due to the enhanced lubrication, with additional product performance properties such as increased drilling rates, as well as leading to an increased lifetime of the drilling equipment.

With the chemistry being ester based the products are non toxic, bio-degradable but also based on renewable feed stocks, ideal for total loss lubrication systems in environmental sensitive applications such as oil drilling.