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Il Sole 24 Ore – Green deal, the industry speeds up

Raoul De Forcade interviewed Italmatch's Group CEO Sergio Iorio regarding innovations and ESG approach

Sergio Iorio, ceo and founder of Italmatch Chemicals, has been interviewed by Raoul De Forcade from Il Sole 24 Ore, the leading Italian newspaper in business. The CEO explained that Italmatch “has launched a group policy totally ESG, which provides investments for the realization of products that have lower and lower CO2 emissions and to focus on more circular applications”. One example comes from the oil & gas sector. “We have developed biodegradable additives to be used in oil extraction in the North Sea, introducing as an anticaking agent, instead of methanol, a product that uses proteins taken from the waste of the salmon industry”.

Italmatch, recalls lorio, “invests about 5 million per year in personnel, testing and analysis, dedicated to the ESG”. The group participates also in several international programs including the second IPCEI for European Battery Innovation and FlashPhos for the recovery of Phosphorus.


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