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Milano Finanza – Italmatch growth looks to ESG

The Group featured in the latest issue of MF - Milano Finanza: an article about Italmatch ESG approach, recent R&D projects and innovations

MF Focus Milano Finanza_Italmatch ESG_2022

Italmatch Chemicals was featured in the latest issue of Italian finance magazine MF – Milano Finanza (Class Editori). A focus article and interview with Group CEO Sergio Iorio and Corporate General Manager & Group CFO Maurizio Turci about latest Research & Development projects, new and sustainable specialty chemicals solutions and the Group’s ESG approach.

Among the topics, Italmatch participation in the European Battery Innovation (IPCEI) project, recent Aubin Group acquisition and innovative green products: “We have a Beyond Innovation Team entirely dedicated to promoting forward-looking innovations, with a particular focus on sustainability and renewable energies“, said Sergio Iorio.

Not only innovation, but concrete actions committed Social Responsibility and Governance aspects in line within the Group’s ESG framework: “Today there is a growing focus on the impact that companies have on the realities in in which they operate: not only the environmental one, but also the supply chain and the creation of value in the local communities“, commented Maurizio Turci.

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