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C&EN – Making an Italian giant

Alex Scott (C&EN) interviewed Italmatch's CEO Sergio Iorio regarding the Group's history and growth

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Alex Scott (C&EN) interviewed Italmatch’s CEO Sergio Iorio regarding the Group’s history and growth. “A once-tiny producer of Phosphorus for matches may soon have 1 billion USD in sales”.

Italy’s entrepreneurial culture has led to an abundance of small chemical companies across the country. None has grown to become a major multinational corporation with billions in sales, but this could be about to change. Specialty chemical producer Italmatch Chemicals—driven by Sergio Iorio, its charismatic CEO of 20 years—is threatening to break the mold. An expected uptick in sales of Italmatch’s materials for sustainable technologies combined with the company’s plan for one or two substantial acquisitions in
the next couple of years could see Italmatch’s annual sales grow to $1 billion from about $600 million today.

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Group CEO Sergio Iorio interview on Chemical & Engineering News C&EN
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