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Italmatch Frankfurt – Inside the manufacturing plant

Italmatch Deutschland GmbH is part of the Italmatch Chemicals Group since 2012. Located in Frankfurt, Germany, the manufacturing plant boasts a vast portfolio of innovative Phosphorus-based solutions for the Performance Products and Specialties Business Unit. These are used for a wide variety of applications: from agriculture and pharmaceuticals to alimentary and new technologies

  • Location


    Frankfurt, Germany
  • Production


    The site produces PCl3 - Phosphorus Trichloride, POCl3 – Phosphorus Oxychloride and PCl5 – Phosphorus Pentachloride
  • Leadership


    Frankfurt plant is one of the largest in Europe for this type of chemical formulations
  • Frankfurt site overview

    Many everyday applications are covered thanks to Frankfurt plant’s Phosphorus technologies:

    • PCl3 (Phosphorus Trichloride) is often used in organophosphorus compounds in agriculture, plastic stabilizers, oil additives. It is also used to convert primary and secondary alcohols into alkyl chlorides or carboxylic acids into acyl chlorides
    • POCl3 (Phosphorus Oxychloride) is mainly utilized for crop protection purposes in agriculture. Other applications are Flame Retardants and Modified Starches for the alimentary sector
    • Finally, PCl5 (Phosphorus Pentachloride) is an important chlorinating reagent for Li-Ion Batteries and antibiotics

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  • Italmatch Frankfurt plant in numbers

    Italmatch Frankfurt is producing in the Industrial Park Höchst. This site has a strong long-term history, since the Hoechst AG Headquarters was located here and at that time was the biggest chemical site in the world. With 41 colleagues from the Italmatch Team working here in Production, Logistics, Maintenance and Labs, the industrial park offers several advantages and features like:

    • 120 chemical or pharmaceutical production facilities, more than 80 laboratory and office buildings from 90 Companies with more than 22000 Employees
    • 983 km cables
    • 850 km pipelines
    • 72 km internal roads
    • 55 km internal rail network
    • 50 km cooling water and rainwater drainage
    • 32000 containers per year handling volume
    • 1400000 pallets per year handling volume
    • 1200 barges per year
    Italmatch Frankfurt - Inside the manufacturing plant
  • Quality & HSE

    All the activities in the Italmatch Frankfurt manufacturing plant are carried out following strict Quality & HSE standards, in compliance with actual European and International legislation like GHS, REACH, CLP (Classification, Labelling, Packaging), Chemical Safety. Production site is yearly audited IMS (Integrated Management System) with HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment – certificate ISO 14001 Quality – certificate ISO 9001).

    For further information about safety, quality and environmental protection measures inside the park, visit Industrial Park Höchst official website >

    Italmatch Frankfurt - Inside the manufacturing plant
  • Innovation and New Generation EVB

    Italmatch Frankfurt production site Phosphorusbased solutions are also used in several applications for new technologies and innovations for sustainability and e-mobility. Phosphorus Pentachloride, for instance, is a fundamental intermediate component for the manufacturing of Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolytes for new generation EVB.

    Today, the plant is the only producer in the European field of PCl5. The quality and standards of this formulation fully meets the requirements for Electrolyte production dedicated to current and future Electric Vehicle Batteries.

    Italmatch Frankfurt - Inside the manufacturing plant
  • Italmatch Global Presence

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    Italmatch Global Presence

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