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Phoslite B85CX

Italmatch Chemicals Markets / Phoslite B85CX
Phoslite B85CX

Phoslite B85CX

Product identification and description

Phoslite B85CX is a non-halogenated flame retardant synergistic preparation system based on inorganic Phosphinate.


Key features

  • Very high phosphorus content and flame retardancy effectiveness
  • Easy to disperse and to colour
  • Not blooming and not corrosive
  • Not hygroscopic


Flame retardant for engineering polymers like polycarbonate, polycarbonate and PBT alloy and synergic agent for polypropylene resins and composites used in extrusion and injection applications

Normally used at concentration from 5% to 12% in engineering polymers and from 1% to 5% in polypropylene depending on polymer type, formulation, and flame retardant standard to be achieved.

Other Applications