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Masteret® 70450

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Masteret® 70450

Masteret® 70450

Product identification and description

Masteret® 70450 is a nonhalogenated flame retardant liquid masterbatch based on stabilised red phosphorus and medium viscosity epoxy resin produced from bisphenol A resin and epichlorohydrin (CAS 1675-54-3) in the form of thixotropic pasty dispersion.

Key features

  • Very efficient flame retardant additive for its high Phosphorous content
  • Effective as such or in combination with other flame retardants
  • Available in a safe to handle form to avoid the hazards associated with red phosphorus powder handling and processing
  • Especially designed for epoxy resins


Masteret® 70450 is mainly used to flame proofing epoxy resins used for laminates by impregnation of glass cloth or for printed circuit boards or for epoxy moulding/ potting compounds. Dosage ranges from 5% to 14% according to specific standard and formulation. Combination with metal hydroxides (ATH) or amorphous silica are possible.

Chemical and Physical properties (1)

Appearance: Pasty
Colour: Dark red
Odour: Light
Phosphorous: ≈ 50%
Density (23°C): ≈1,4 gr/ cc
Epoxy group content: ≈0,25 (approx.)


(1) Typical properties; not to be constructed as specifications

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Other Applications