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Masteret® 40535 Black

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Masteret® 40535 Black

Masteret® 40535 Black

Product identification and description

Masteret® 40535 Black is a nonhalogenated flame retardant masterbatch based on highly stabilised redphosphorus in EVA/LDPE carrier. Previously introduced as “2191EX”.

Key features

  • No hazard classification or labelling
  • Very efficient flame retardant additive for its high Phosphorous content
  • Effective as such or in combination with other flame retardants
  • Available in a safe to handle form to avoid the hazards associated with red phosphorus powder handling and processing
  • Particularly stabilized to ensure very low volatiles emission and odour during storage and processing
  • Especially designed for Wire and Cable compounds and for direct extrusion of insulations


Masteret® 40535 Black is specifically developed for flame retardant, low smoke, polymeric compounds for injection moulding and extrusion. According to the required standard and specific polymer blend, dosage should be in the range 2% – 8% by weight

Addition of proper amount of Masteret 40535 Black reduces Flammability, reduces Heat Release Rate (HRR), and stops dripping. Suitable for any kind of thermoplastic, peroxide, ebeam and silanes (Sioplas, but not silane copolymers) crosslinkable compounds based on EVA, POE, EBA/EMA, PE, PP, EPR/EPDM, SBS/SEBS, TPE, TPV, TPU.

Excellent performances in HFFR compounds for wire and cables (insulation, sheathing and bedding compounds for B2ca -CPR class cables-), profiles, tubes and foamed profiles. Masteret® 40535 Black works alone and in synergy with Aluminium trihydrate (ATH), Magnesium hydroxide (MDH), and with natural flame retardant fillers.

Physical properties (1)

Appearance: Pellets
Colour: Black
Odour: Very Light
Phosphorous: ≈ 35%
Density (23°C): ≈1,4 gr/ cc
MFR (190°C / 2.16 kg): ≈ 50 gr/10’


(1) Typical properties; not to be constructed as specifications

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