The Italmatch Chemicals product range for the Oil and Gas market has been developed to reduce total operating costs even in the harshest environments. These products offer unique, safe to handle, highly compatible, effective chemical solutions.

With Italmatch Oil & Gas you get more than just products, you get the support of industry-leading, technical expertise and innovation in an industry with fast changing needs. Italmatch Oil & Gas offers a complete range of products tailored to your application and available close to the field to lower logistic costs.

Our technologies include Bellasol®, Dequest® and Mayoquest® scale inhibitors, specialty corrosion inhibitors, new friction reducers and our market leading Bellacide® biocides, delivering complete control even under variable water quality from ground to recycle water systems.

For both offshore and onshore applications, our long experience in designing scale control programs featuring Bellasol® and Dequest® for both squeeze and continuous use is a foundation of our business. 

Newer developments to provide protection in high temperature and pressure environments are now on stream and advances in environmentally friendly hydrate inhibitors are set for launch in 2020.

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