Italmatch’s Lubricant Performance Additives division is a leading provider of high-end additives for special lubricant applications. We are proud to offer an extensive portfolio of brands and products to ensure we can meet the exacting standards of every lubrication need in Industrial lubricants, MWF and Greases applications:

Ketjenlube™ offers a wide range of components from simple, to complex and polymers esters, a proprietary technology for high demanding applications and also self-emulsifying esters and sequestering agents.

ASI white metal inhibitors deliver measured performance to maintain pH where you need it.

In our extensive range of products our customers can discuss their needs for friction modifiers, phosphites and phosphate esters, taylor made for a wide range of applications.

Polartech® delivers superior emulsifier, corrosion inhibition and lubricity agents developed from real world experiences for MWF applications. Our broad range of chemistry empowers the formulator to address specific issues in their working environment.

Elco™ product line provides a full range of sulfurized fat, veg oil and ester-based products that deliver just the right amount of sulfur EP agent. From additives for metalworking fluid, grease, hydraulic oil, slideway lubricant and gear oil, you can find Elco products for virtually every industrial lubricant market.

Bottom line? We work closely with our partners to understand their needs and challenges and determine the best solutions to keep their businesses running smoothly. Literally.


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