Advanced Water Solutions

AWS is a global supplier of specialty water management additives into the oil and gas, industrial water and process treatment, desalination, mining and HI&I markets. The business provides customers with innovative solutions, supported by manifacuring and blending sites across the globe and 6 dedicated research facilities in Europe and the USA.

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Lubricant Performance Additives

LPA business unit produces specialized lubricant packages for any customer’s formulating needs. Its products serve the metalworking fluid, grease, hydraulic oil, slideway lubricant, gear oil, and other industrial lubricant markets.

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Flame Retardants and Plastic Additives

Italmatch is a world-wide supplier of Red-P widely as Halogen Free Flame Retardant Additive in many polymers. The company is a reliable global multiproduct player able to offer a wide range of effective flame retardants, based on different technologies, environmentally friendly, and competitive on a cost/performance basis for the engineering polymers market.

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Oil & Gas

The Italmatch Chemicals product range for the Oil and Gas market has been developed to reduce total operating costs even in the harshest environments. These products offer unique, safe to handle, highly compatible, effective chemical solutions.

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Performance Products

Italmatch Chemicals manufactures a wide range of reactive chemical intermediates, mainly coming from the wide experience and deep knowledge in the phosphorus based chemistry, being phosphorus based reactive chemicals or intermediated produced using our phosphorus technology (Phosporus Chlorides, Phosphorus Pentasulphide, Acid Chlorides).

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Personal Care

With the brands Dapracare® and Turpinal® Italmatch produces and offers a wide range of cosmetic grade raw materials. The portfolio covers all major Personal Care applications, from Skin Care (Face, Body and Sun Care, Color cosmetic, Shower gel, Deodorant and Wet wipes) to Hair Care (Shampoos, Conditioner, Hair coloring & bleaching). Through Esterification and Polimerization technological platforms, the company has several R&D projects and products ready to be launched.

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