Pilot final demonstration: workshop in Arese plant

Clients and partners meet for the final discussion about the project. After 5 years of research, Italmatch presents a new sustainable process to produce Tri Alkyl Phosphites and presents LIFE-Trialkyl project results Read more >

Eco Innovation: Italmatch presents Life Trialkyl in Vilnius

The LIFE-Trialkyl project was presented during the workshop “Eco Innovation for reduced production and use of hazardous chemicals”, organized inside the “LIFE Platform Meeting on Chemicals”, held in Vilnius (Lithuania). Read more >

Circular Economy: Italmatch aims to recover Phosphorus from waste materials

The production of P4 is linked to the use of phosphorite ore which, being almost completely absent in Europe, must be imported from countries that have mines, such as China, Vietnam and Morocco, where these phosphorite mines are present. The Recophos project wants to succeed in replacing the use of phosphate rock with that of ashes containing P. Read more >

News & Press Releases – 2019