Italmatch started its manufacturing activities, by producing Yellow Phosphorus (or «YP» or «P4») back in year 1929 in its Spoleto site; P4 was used at that time as major raw material to produce MATCHES.

«Matches» in fact was the historical core business, as well as the origin of «Italmatch» name, until 1970’s, when Italmatch started to shift its core business into CHEMISTRY.

So Italmatch today has more than 80 years of history and competence in P4 production and in its Derivatives.

Interesting that while Italmatch started to use P4 to produce Matches (=fire), now Italmatch use P4 to produce effective and innovative, environmentally friendly, «Flame Retardants», closing a sort of «life loop cycle» ……


As consequence, Italmatch today is one of the most experienced company in the world in P4 manufacturing technology, even if Spoleto production was stopped in year 1965. From 1965 to 1995 Italmatch started a technical cooperation with the other Italian Montedison P4 plant (shut down in 1996).