We believe in an ethical and sustainable business model. We’ve developed a global vision and a local presence by creating shared value and well-being with respect for humanity, the environment, and the local communities of which we are part. We are present in 12 countries throughout the world.

The Person becomes the first choice in the process of internationalization, especially in those countries far away in space and in the culture in which the renunciation of choices contrary to the integrity of the individual, to his/her respect and his/her dignity are an ongoing commitment even if those choices prove economically and operationally convenient.

It’s a direction we take with an awareness that only through Sustainable Development is it possible to pursue industrial projects which combine both the protection of the environment, and the welfare of the community, thus enabling long term economic growth, and creating a better society for our children and future generations to come.



Creating shared prosperity

We are aware of our responsibility to the stakeholders who are part of our shared community: customers, colleagues, suppliers, the local communities who host our operations, and naturally our shareholders.

We believe that the Company plays an important role socially, and in the collective contribution we make toward the development of local communities, and improving the quality of life for all.

For this reason, we have chosen and adhere to a Governance model based on ethical values, transparency, and efficiency for continued growth with those for share our vision. We have two fundamental priorities: respecting the needs of the people, and attention to safeguard the environment .



Our Customers

An approach to Customer Intimacy

We manufacture about one-thousands of products and about 250.000 metric tons, and serve more than 2,000 of customers.

. Our adopted model of Customer Intimacy ensures we design products for the needs of specific markets or individual customers through shared problem solving, allowing us to create highly customized solutions.

. We are constantly investing in innovation and research, about 3 Million Euro per year, to better anticipate the evolution of technology, contributing to the fulfillment of finished products which will improve the lives of people, and respect our environment.

. We have developed a trade policy inspired by the values of fairness and transparency, allowing us to take a partnership approach with our customers in order to develop the highest quality products.

The production units that obtained an ISO 9001:2008 certification:
Arese, Spoleto, Frankfurt, Newport, Undesa, Nantong, Smyrna.


Employees, Suppliers, Stakeholders

Those leading the challenge

Every day over 900 of colleagues, 3.000 suppliers and partners in the world are the key to our success.

Their aspiration, motivation, and expertise are our most valuable assets.

For more than 85 years we have had a presence in numerous countries with a complex diversity of culture, values, and traditions. We follow their political policies, both legal and economic: From global markets to emerging economies.

As a company that produces and markets its products world-wide, we’ve adopted stringent policies to focus attention and prioritize the rights and needs of all those who contribute to our business – employees, contractors, partners, suppliers and stakeholders – with controls in place, and accountability of management at both the Group and local level

In particular, we are committed to ensure:

  • Respect of human rights as decreed in the Charter of the United Nations
  • Total abolishment of the use of child and forced labor
  • Recognition of “freedom of association” in the workforce
  • Adoption of contractual conditions relating to compensation and work scheduling to guarantee an higher living standards, even when not required by the local labor laws and providing appropriate economic investments
  • Constant and continuous dialogue with the Authoritative Bodies of Industrial Relations and Trade Unions
  • Protection and safety of the workforce, with emphasis of both physical and mental health as a priority, investing in improved workplace facilities
  • Continuing employee training activities, and enhanced education
  • Attention to the work-life balance
  • Respect for the culture, customs and traditions of our global workforce, associates, and their families, as well as the local communities
  • Complete commitment to refrain from negotiating with, and conducting investments or business activity of any kind within countries sanctioned by Supranational Organizations

The production units that obtained an OHSAS 18001 certification: Newport, Nantong.


Our Environment

Helping protect the planet with actual “sustainability”

We know that it’s an urgent commitment to the preservation of an environmental balance, if we are to ensure a future for the next generations.

Climate change caused by emissions and exploitation of non-renewable natural resources are putting the future of our planet at serious risk.

Adoption of a new model of sustainable development, is a choice that cannot be postponed. We consider it a priority to protect the environment, if we are ever to have future opportunity, and continue to create economic growth and prosperity.

We will insure our commitment through new policies and initiatives which will reduce the environmental impact within the “chain” of production and distribution of our products. We design solutions that help our customers to develop “sustainable” products and services.



Responsible Care

The Chemical Industry for Health, Safety, and Environment

We adhere to Responsible Care , a voluntary program sponsored by the worldwide chemical industry for the development and monitoring of new policies and initiatives to protect the health, and safety of workers, and to insure environmental protection practices.

Today, the program has been adopted by more than 10,000 chemical companies in more than 50 countries around the world.


Local Communities

Being a part of the community

We collaborate with social and cultural realities in the territories where we operate, in order to contribute to initiatives and projects that create value for people and the community.

We actively promote and participate in:

  • Projects initiated by non-profit associations, creating measurable programs which endure and are sustainable, especially dedicated to families and poorer people who need both social and economic support.
  • Initiatives and programs for people with disabilities.
  • Activities which promote the culture of sport and team values -particularly in amateur and youth.
  • Support of projects in the cultural sphere, the UUSS, and Scientific Research Centers.