The Code of Ethics in the Italmatch Group

Italmatch is aware that “Mission”, “Vision” and “Values” are a complex system of relationships that must be pursued through higher ethical and deontological standards.

The continuing challenges of Sustainable Development require above all a transparent dialogue with all stakeholders towards the business activity.

Italmatch identifies in the Person the centrality of everything, with the protection of his/her rights, of occupational hygiene, of the respect of the environment and the local culture.

The Person becomes the first choice in the process of internationalization, especially in those countries far away in space and in the culture in which the renunciation of choices contrary to the integrity of the individual, to his/her respect and his/her dignity are an ongoing commitment even if those choices prove economically and operationally convenient.

It is therefore with full awareness that this Code of Ethics is disclosed and to which all employees and people who have relationships with Italmatch must comply and adopt it as fundamental support, wherever they are, and behave in an ethical as well as legal manner, as a Heritage for the achievement of Italmatch objectives and for the improvement of the social context in which Italmatch works.

The Code of Ethics, therefore, becomes irreplaceable guideline to prevent illegal behavior and not in accordance with the regulations in the countries in which our Organization operates or is to operate.


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