Italmatch Chemicals SpA is created through the MBO of the Saffa historical business of Inorganic Phosphorus Derivatives, based in Spoleto Plant; main production: Phosphorus Pentasulphide, Red Phosphorus and Phosphorus Sulphides; Yellow Phosphorus production at Spoleto site was stopped in 1965, but key technology was retained.

Italmatch Chemicals SpA becomes an indipendent Company, with focus on Specialty Phosphorus Derivatives, and long term supply agreements with China for Yellow Phosphorus are established

Trial development of Red Phosphorus Microencapsulated as Flame Retardant for Polyamide

Capacity of Red Phosphorus is doubled at Spoleto site MasteretTM, Polymer based Masterbatch of Red Phosphorus is developed as “Easy and Safe” Handlng-processing of Red Phosphorus Flame Retardants in Engineering Thermoplastics

Started first JV in China (Yunnan) for P-intermediate.

Obtained ISO14000 Environmental Certification at Spoleto site

Introduced MELAGARDTM, as Halogen Free Flame Retardants for plastics, based on Nitrogen technology. Signed the second joint venture in China (Yunnan) to produce elementhal phosphorus through an integrated plant, with own electrical power station.

– Major process/product modification at P2S5 line specialized for Engine Oil Lubricant Additives – Low Contaminant / high reactivity / modified morphology P2S5 is developed – A fully independent second line of P2S5 is completed and started up to improve supply security

Established a 100% subsidiary in China for production of Halogen Free / Melamine Based Flame Retardants production (Nantong Italmatch Chemicals), in the Greater Shanghai Area, to serve the rapidly growing plastic market. Established a Trading Company in Shanghai to take advantage of chinese market opportunities. Evaluate additional investments in China and acquisitions in Europe in LOA.

Italmatch Chemicals S.p.A. completes the acquisition from Akzo Nobel, of the Lube and Specialty business, with manufacturing site in Arese (Milan). Start own production of Melamine and Phosphorus Derivatives in China.

– Consolidation into a single Specialty Group, leader in Lube and Plastic solutions and high performance products. – New PhosliteTM, fully colourable Halogen Free Flame Retardants, based upon innovative Phosphinate chemistry are developed – Global raw materials shortage due to fertilizer markets high demand

The new Phoslite Flame Retardants family successfully consolidate into Polyolefine applications and starts expanding in Polyammide 6 and PBT. Outstanding results notwithstanding economic downturn, with stabilized raw material situation.

Completed successful development in Arese site of new organic phosphorus chemistry through the introduction of a full range of organic phosphites and acid phosphates for the lube and plastic industries. Leveraging on the wide and flexible chemistries, raw materials and competence ,available at Italmatch Arese site, started successful development of new ASA /PIBSA products for fuel and industrial applications.

Started feasibility study to expand Nantong Italmatch into Lubricant Additives products. Created a new own sales organization for Lubricants in Asia Pacific, establishing a Regional office in Malaysia.

Enlarged the Asia Pacific distribution network for L.O.A. trough a new sales office in Shanghai, and a new representative office in India an Middle East. Completed the acquisition of Union Derivan, in Spain , with office in Barcelona and plant in Zaragoza fully integrated, leader in metallic stearates, natural esters and PVC additives to complement Arese portfolio for Lube and Plastic, with renewable products.

Italmatch completes the acquisition of Dequest ®, Water Treatment business, with manufacturing site in Newport (UK) and Phosphorus Chlorides, produced in Frankfurt (D) from Thermphos. Integration process starts establishment of the new P4 storage and handling site at Chorzow (Poland), with flexibility logistic options

Dequest and Chlorides business organizations are fully integrated within the Italmatch Group, with local distributor subsidiaries in Japan, USA and Singapore. Ardian (ex Axa Investment Fund) acquired Italmatch Chemicals Group together with the Management, to support growth and globalization of the Company. GRS SpA, producer of Water Soluble Polymers and Fuel Cleaning Agents, was acquired in December.

Purchase of Solvay Water Additives & Desalination business, including Briquest, Bricorr & Albrivap Trademarks; production will be carried out at Arese and Naples plants. Italmatch become global leader in desalination antiscale additives (Thermal & RO)

Purchase of Compass Chemicals, NorthAmerican leader of Phosphonate & Biocides for Industrial Water & Oil & Gas application; in addition to the Smyrna manufactiuring facility, also the Houston blending plant will strengthen the Group position in the Oil & Gas markets

Expansion of Italmatch has continued in 2017 through: Internationalization, through the acquisition of Brasilian specialized distributor Sudamfos do Brasil. High value niche, through the acquisition of the Magpie startup manufacturing innovative resins, able to recover prescious materials from industrial effluents. Italmatch Chemicals further strengthens its presence in the NA/LATAM markets through the acquisition of Elco Corporation via its Holding Co.- Detrex; this transaction also allows the expansion of the current product line in the lubricant additive segment.

Purchase of Jiayou Chemical from Ecolab Group including the entire business and assets relating to phosphonate production and sales carried out by Jiayou Chemical Co. (formerly part of Jianghai), located in the Changzhou area (China); established long-term Partnership with major global Water Service Company.