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The Dequest range includes phosphonates, polymers and Inulin derivatives, the latter being designed for an improved environmental and toxicological profile.

Phosphonates and Inulin derivatives are used in both consumer and institutional laundry detergents applications. In consumer laundry products, Dequest phosphonates are used for special functions such as stain removal, bleach stabilization and anti-encrustation. They have become particularly valuable in non-phosphate laundry products where high carbonate levels otherwise lead to encrustation problems. Inulin derivatives find their use as co-builder, synergistic boosters for stain removal in combination with phosphonates and anti-encrustation additives, when the formulator wants to improve the environmental profile of the product.

Dequest phosphonates should also be considered for addition to I&I laundry detergents. Sizable performance boosts in relatively simple liquid laundry detergents can be obtained through the use of relatively low levels of Dequest phosphonates.

One way of controlling calcium carbonate scaling is through the use of a scale inhibitor, such as Dequest. The phosphonates may also be useful against some other commonly encountered scales, such as strontium salts and silica.



Italmatch has a wide range of cationic surfactants, used commonly as softeners for textiles. Our range includes product that are differentiated for the formulation of softeners at any concentration and high dispersion, even in cold water.